A Real Wholesale Shopping Experience - Buy At One Penny Over Actual, Published Wholesale Prices! A Real Wholesale Shopping Experience - Buy At One Penny Over Actual, Published Wholesale Prices!
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Congratulations on making the decision to join the Wholesale Shopping Club ... where membership certainly does have its privileges!

Since you arrived at this page, you obviously made a decision to join our private Wholesale Shopping Club designed to help you save money, make money, and become wealthy!

Now is your opportunity to save even more money! Save $80 right now! Your membership will be guaranteed at the promotional price of $39.97 for 2 YEARS! We're sure the Wholesale Shopping Club will be very profitable for you.

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REMINDER: You can view many of the products that are available in our online "demo" store ... CLICK HERE , then click on "View Demo" to windowshop. Just remember, there are thousands of additional items available in the catalogs that are not yet posted online. If you don't like the products or the prices, don't sign up! There's no rush, no pressure. We have a NO REFUND POLICY on memberships and catalogs. By placing your order, you agree to this policy.

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If you prefer to pay by money order or check make it payable to and mail to:
How 2 Information, Inc.
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Keep in mind it takes 5-7 days for personal checks to clear. (If your check bounces, your Wholesale Shopping privileges are permanently revoked.)

Now that you are a Wholesale Shopping Club Member, order your CATALOG set today! Your package includes BOTH catalogs pictured below (503 pages of containing over 4,000 items) as well as the rock bottom wholesale price list! (Shipping and handling is included in the package price.) Catalogs are available ONLY to Wholesale Shopping Club Members!

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Did you order your package of catalogs with all products and wholesale prices? Why not? ADD IT to your order NOW! How are you going to shop without it? Yes, we have many of the items on the Internet, but not ALL of them. To make sure you can order anything in any of the catalogs, add ALL of the catalogs available with your membership. The catalogs are priced at our cost and for your convenience. That's right - we don't make any money on the catalogs! Use our secure shopping cart button above to place your order.

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